About Me


My name is Truman Boyes. I started designing back in 2006 when a friend of mine "lent" me their copy of Photoshop. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I recently graduated from Boston University where I studied Advertising at the College of Communication. It was there that I taught myself how to code websites, and soon discovered my love for all things UI/UX. I also love to travel, having lived and worked in Philly, Boston, New York, and London. I'm eager to start my career in UI Design, wherever that may be.

Road Trip

Ever since high school, my friends and I had been talking about doing a cross-country road trip. For years, it was always more wishful thinking than realisitc planning, but after graduating college, we found ourselves coming to the same realization: it's now or never. When else in our lives would we have an opportunity like this? So we went for it. Despite the (extremely valid) concerns from our parents, we mapped out a six week tour around the US, hitting big cities and even bigger mountains. We saw old friends, made some new ones, and discovered parts of the country we never could have imagined. If I learned one thing from this trip, it's that waiting gets you nowhere. You can plan and pack as long as you want, but the trip won't start until you get in the car, turn the key, and go.