The Setting

Along with a talented team of engineers, designers, and producers, I helped craft the idea for Collabreate at BU’s Digital Media Club. Collabreate aims to connect people talented in all forms of digital media (software development, design, video production, marketing etc.) with a passion to create. Whether it's a full blown start up or week-long project, users can find the right person to work with in their area. Simple, clean, and to the point, Collabreate gets you right to work.

The Branding

The branding for Collabreate included a logo and lettering. The "handshake" logo was created to communicate the core idea behind the product: creative collaboration. It was designed to be flexible by working on several different background scenarios, each with their own color scheme. The lettering was designed on a grid, using simple geometric shapes that complimented the personality of the logo.