Mary Kay

The Setting

MK Mobile was the result of BU's 2014 NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition) Creative team, working on the beauty and cosmetics brand Mary Kay. While all of the features were collaborated on by the creative team, I was the main designer of the application.

Mary Kay has a unique business model, in that it uses Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) to sell their product directly to consumers within their community and social network. As such, much of the sales IBCs hinge on their ability to form a relationship with both existing and potential customers.

The Approach

One of the most important goals in our campaign was to create a mobile relationship between IBCs and consumers. Since Mary Kay has no retail outlets, the only way for current Mary Kay customers to contact an IBC is either through the IBC’s website or by calling them. With the rise of third-party apps and GPS tracking, brands have had the ability to contact their customers through means more efficient than a standard website. As a result, we introduced Mary Kay Mobile, the ideal platform for both Mary Kay’s IBCs and consumers.

The Final Product

I wanted the app to focus entirely on IBCs and make it as easy as possible for customers to interact with them. To do that, IBCs create a profile that allows them to connect with customers on a personal level.

Customers can also access the location of any IBC in their area by using the map function. At the same time, IBCs can choose when to display their location to their customers, effectively choosing when they’re on and off the clock.

We also developed a point system as an incentive for users. Users gain points based on the amount of contact they have with IBCs, such as starting in-app conversations and scheduling IBC parties. Users can then cash in the points for discounts on products.

IBC’s profiles will also feature a ratings system based on users’ reviews of their personability and skills. Users can only rate IBCs after they've met in person by scheduling a Hangout.