Pizza Hut

The Setting

During the spring of 2015, I was a member of Boston University’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team, working on the brand Pizza Hut. As a designer and art director, I helped the team plan and produce a comprehensive advertising campaign in an effort to position Pizza Hut as the best choice for online ordering.

To push Pizza Hut ahead of it's competitors, our team constructed our campaign around the online ordering experience. To save users time, we streamlined Pizza Hut's app, putting user experience on the top of our to-do list.

The Challenge

We decided to position Pizza Hut as the pizza delivery service that specializes in convenience. Customers could be assured that by ordering from Pizza Hut over their competitors they’d save valuable time (both in the decision-making and the ordering process). To achieve this position, our app had to live up to expectations.

The Approach

Immediately, the team began brainstorming. We wanted to create something that catered to both new and return users. Someone who downloads the app for the first time isn’t interested in fooling around with the interface and exploring everything the app has to offer. We needed to make ordering the primary focus to satisfy these customers. At the same time, we didn’t want people to use the app once and only remember it when they needed to free up space on their phone. We needed to allow for discovery once users returned to the app with more time to make decisions. Incentivization played a key role in the process.

After several brainstorming sessions and team meetings, we nailed down how the app would function. All we needed to do was bring it to life.

The Final Product

The app exists on one page, making it easy for users to order fast. Previous orders are displayed at the top, ready to be ordered instantly by clicking the "Order" button below. Users can also swipe through food items through the sub-navbar, access the entire Pizza Hut menu in a swipe and a click.

The top left button opens up the side menu, allowing for another way to navigate the app, and showing users the "Pizza Stacker." This features trackers counts previous orders, and servers customers a free pizza with every tenth purchased.

When an order is placed, users are able to then track their orders in real time with the "Pizza Tracker." A progress bar shows how long until the pizza arrives, and a map tracks the delivery person's phone using GPS. The bottom bar lets the user call their driver if needed, add a tip, and split the bill with any friends also on the app.

The top right button opens up the "Daily Spinner" module. Using a hook model, this spinner gives users a small prize every day that they can add to their order, incentivizing purchases and daily visits to the app. These prizes expire within 24 hours, prompting users to place an order as soon as possible.

To try the app out for yourself, check out my Marvel prototype here.

This app was created with the help of Technical Director Mark Flitsch, Creative Director Madison Francois, and the rest of the BU’s 2015 NSAC Creative Team.